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We at Urmi Foundation (Urmi Ashram), help those orphan children, who have completed 18 years of their age also those children whose father (farmer) suicide, Aadivasi.

There are a lots of organisations who help orphan children till their age of 18. Once they reach to 18, orphan children can not live in the orphanage. But if you think, it is the age where these teenagers really need help to get settled in their life by education, career, in this period they need a helping hand.

Urmi Foundation (Urmi Ashram) is the helping hand for those teenage children. This organisation provides Food, Shelter, Clothing and Education to them. This organisation supports these children to get settled in their life. Urmi Foundation is a very big helping hand for the children who are out of their orphanage after 18 and looking for shelter to take care of them.

Once these children are out of the institution after the age of 18 yrs. They don’t get a house to stay in due to which they don’t get a ration card and can’t do the voting. They also can’t open an account in the bank.
As they are being raised in the institution due to which these children don’t know their full name, their caste or their proper age due to which they can’t avail to the opportunities given by the government.
The government helps these children till the age of 18 by then children have either finished their 10th or 12th examinations. With these children don’t avail for a good job. So we would like the institutions to provide these children with some technical training which can help these children to get a secure job.



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