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Destitute children are those children who have lost one or both the parents/ those children whose father (farmer) suicide but there is no support rendered to them. Both the categories completely lack the basic resources or means of basic support like food, shelter, clothing, parenthood, money and the education.


We help to poor children and youth, who are not orphans but not having money to study.


We build hostels for orphans, where their primary needs gets fulfilled and also they can study.


Regular health checkup, proper food, exercise we are making them physically, mentally, spiritually and social well being.


Our youth taking higher educations like engineering, pharmacy, medical etc.

our missions

The Mission of Urmi Foundation (Urmi Ashram) is to solve the problem of the orphan / destitute children/ Those childern whose father (farmer) suicide and to help them to get their rights.

Maharashtra state is a developed state. In this state due to social, natural and accidental calamities thousands of children are being orphaned. For such children government with the social groups (NGO) help these children for their overall development. But government provides this help only till the age of 18 yrs. for such children.

With the aim of helping this children to relocate themselves after the age of 18 yrs we have formed the group called Urmi Foundation (Urmi Ashram) for helping these children. The core members of this organization are the people who themselves have gone through the same problems faced by these children. We as a group would like to guide these children regarding the problem faced in life after the stay in the institution so that they can have a better life than us and can fight the problems with our help.

Once these children are out of the institution after the age of 18 yrs. They don’t get a house to stay in due to which they don’t get a ration card and can’t do the voting. They also can’t open an account in the bank.
As they are being raised in the institution due to which these children don’t know their full name, their caste or their proper age due to which they can’t avail to the opportunities given by the government.
The government helps these children till the age of 18 by then children have either finished their 10th or 12th examinations. With these children don’t avail for a good job. So we would like the institutions to provide these children with some technical training which can help these children to get a secure job.



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